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Do you ever visit a new place and feel like you have been there before, but only in a dream?

This is what happened last weekend when Ant and I visited the Roseland Peninsula. The Roseland area is only a 45 minute drive from where we live, but somehow it took us two and a half years to see it. After driving through the winding country roads, we wandered through a coastal valley that I can only describe as the set of the Teletubbies TV show and something I've seen during a mushroom trip (sorry mum & dad).

Bright yellow gorse and other wildflowers blooming all around us, contrasting the deep blue ocean in the background. Lush green rolling hills with grazing cows and seagulls diving down from the cliffs. It didn't feel real.

There was pure stillness, except the late afternoon birdsong and sounds of spring, reminding me that finally the evenings are so much longer and warmer again. Walking down the valley in complete awe and disbelief, we spotted a cove with the most crystal clear water I have ever seen here in Cornwall. Even from a distance I could count the stones and pebbles below the surface.

Below are some of the shots that Ant took on our day trip... and below that, a brand new artwork that is looking for a home.

x Zee


60cm Ø

Resin and mixed media on floating wooden panel

Cornwall, 2021



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