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Can't decide?
Purchase an art gift card instead.
Starting from £25.

Buying art for another person is quite intimate and can be tricky because it's such a personal gift. If you'd like to give artwork to a loved one, but want to leave the choice up to them, a gift card is a perfect alternative.

The gift card will arrive as a matte finish A6 size card. It features shiny gold foil detailing and a black envelope including Zee's arty postcards and a business card.

If you want a DIGITAL gift card instead, please go ahead with the purchase and mention this in the 'add a note' section on the checkout page. Zee will then email you the digital gift card.


Please don't forget to mention the recipient’s name and gift giver’s name, so that she can write these on the gift card.

To redeem the card, the recipient can contact Zee directly with the unique gift card code and she will deduct the value from the final artwork or art print invoice.


Starting from £25: view and select your options below.


The gift card never expires. It is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

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