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To request a quote or place a custom order, please contact Zee directly at or through the bespoke art order form.

You are welcome to send references of Zee's existing artwork, photographs and colour palettes. You may also send images of the space you want to hang an artwork in, for size and colour advice. Please note that her existing artwork cannot be replicated due to the nature of the medium.


For custom orders, Zee takes a 50% deposit on the total price of the artwork prior to creating the work, to protect her time and use of materials. Upon completion of the artwork, Zee will send photos to the customer and request approval.* Once approved, the remaining 50% of the total price + shipping costs must be paid before shipping the finished product to the customer.

Zee holds the right to retain artworks that have not been paid for in full.

*For abnormal amounts of change requests by the customer, Zee holds the right to change the price, because the total material costs and total worked hours increase with each added layer.




International shipping is available. Zee has successfully shipped hundreds of original artworks to 22 different countries worldwide with not a single one getting lost or damaged.

The customer is responsible for shipping costs + protection cover, which can be estimated prior to ordering using your country and postcode details.

Zee uses a variety of trusted and reliable international couriers (mainly DHL, DPD, FedEx and ParcelForce) and always sends the artwork covered for LOSS ONLY. 
Please note that no regular courier companies cover damage, due to the fragile nature of the contents.

Zee uses generous amounts of (mostly reused) packaging materials, generally consisting of layers of;
- Paper to protect the resin surface
- Bubble wrap for padding
- Cardboard for extra strength and protection
- Double wall cardboard boxes with Fragile tape

Zee is NOT liable or responsible in any way for any losses or damage to artwork. Zee's liability and responsibility end when the artwork is shipped. However, Zee is happy to assist with tracking orders and contacting your parcel courier if any issues do occur. Please contact

If you wish to use a specific courier or a shipment company that specialises in transporting artwork, please add this request to your enquiry to discuss options.




Please note that you as the customer are responsible for paying any import taxes and/or customs duties that may be requested upon delivery/collection of your artwork. Check with your local customs office to find out charges to avoid unpleasant surprises.



Zee uses the highest quality professional grade epoxy resin with built-in UV stabilisers to prevent premature yellowing.


To avoid damage such as yellowing or colour fading, Zee recommends hanging your artwork away from direct sunlight.


To wipe off dust, use a clean soft microfibre duster cloth.


To wipe off fingerprints or greasy marks, use a soft microfibre cloth with a spray of glass cleaner such as Windex and buff until clean and smooth.

The resin surface can be scratched, so make sure you protect it 
accordingly when transporting or storing the artwork. Do not use bubblewrap directly on the resin surface, as it may leave bubble marks. Cover the surface with Kraft paper or butchers paper before using bubblewrap or foam. Do not place heavy or sharp items against or on top of a stored artwork.

Do not hang the artwork in damp or humid spaces because the wooden panel may warp.


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