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R E S I N   A R T

green emerald ocean artwork zee van g underthezee
pink seascape painting zee van g underthezee
resin art pink black by zee van g under the zee
gold turquoise fluid painting by zee van g under the zee
turquoise abstract seascape by zee van gils underthezee
abstract landscape art by zee van gils underthezee
abstract aerial view art by zee van gils underthezee
contemporary ocean artwork by zee van gils underthezee


Zee specialises in abstract resin artworks inspired by the sea and landscapes as seen from an aerial and underwater perspective. Her paintings are handmade in Cornwall, with the highest quality materials. Each piece takes 3-8 weeks to make, depending on the dimensions.

If you are looking for something specific for your interior, you can order a custom painting to suit your taste.


Zee's commissioned art is a popular choice for wedding & birth gifts, birthday presents and as a commemoration of those who are no longer with us.

She also offers more affordable options for a smaller budget, such as gift cards and prints.

If you have a any questions, please visit the FAQ or contact Zee.

Choose below to view available artworks and previously sold paintings.

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