R E S I N   A R T

R E S I N   A R T



Whilst learning surfboard glassing in Lombok, my interest in a new medium flowed into an obsession. The idea of making resin paintings kept my mind occupied day and night. I started seeing patterns and textures everywhere around me even more than I already did and felt a strong urge to try and recreate these using resin. 

It took nine months to get all the materials to the little village where I lived at the time – some would say it is ‘the middle of nowhere’ – because I had to source them overseas. Things were not as convenient and readily available there as back in the western world. Let's say the journey didn't start out like a fairytale…

Resin art teaches me to let go of control and perfectionism, because usually the unplanned sections turn out to be my favourite. Painting with resin is unlike anything else.

It takes two to four weeks to complete a painting, depending on size. I use handmade wooden panels with three to eight layers of the highest quality non-yellowing epoxy resin and inks.

Crystal clear and free-flowing, creating depth in solid form. Layering textures and colours and observing the chemical reactions that occur during the process, make time and my surroundings disappear. It is much like surfing - it immerses me in the moment.

My work is inspired by the organic shapes, depth and colours that I see in nature around me; the ocean, hills, coral reef, rocks, breaking waves and tropical flora and fauna. Looking at my paintings from different angles and light, you can discover new details every time you look at them.

So, I invite you to come closer...