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Happy weird holiday season everyone.

I hope you are well, or even just 'OK'.

Lately I have been working on some bigger pieces that I wanted to share with you here. I don't post blogs for every new artwork now, I just add them directly to my website if they're already sold. But these were some of the first artworks for which I used my new deep edge panels. The deep edges are now a new option when you order a custom artwork (at an added cost). I've been playing around with some different finishes on these as well; a wood stain (one I have yet to perfect before I share it with you), plain white is always nice and clean, but I've done a few matte black edges as well which look especially sexy when complementing the darker colour palettes as you'll see below.

The first one was a commissioned piece for the beach villa where I painted the floral mural this Summer - an 80cm circle statement piece above the fireplace. My client loved "Fluidity" but as it's only a 50cm circle, it would disappear in this large space, so she requested I recreated something similar in a larger size. You can see the full piece and its details below. "Dawn" embodies the pastel skies at sunrise surf sessions we had during the early Autumn. The feeling of being awake and alive in the water while most people are still snoozing. The taste of sipping that first morning coffee and gazing out the window, watching the sun light up a new day. You can view the property and the artwork in situ here. (I recommend seeing the 360 view! And - please note the mural photos haven't been updated on the website yet, the one shown is the 'before'). DAWN 80cm Ø x 4cm resin and mixed media on wooden panel Cornwall, 2020



The diptych found a home together with 90cm circle “Come Hell or High Water” and 30cm circle “Shifting”. This new 50 x 70cm duo has a more minimal feel, using negative space to represent calm, divided by fluid motion in deep blue, different shades of teal and intricate whitewater detail. It reminds me of an explosive backwash... This piece symbolises the undeniable chemistry between two people who are meant for each other.


50 x 70 x 4cm (each) diptych

resin and mixed media on wooden panels Cornwall, 2020



Crisp and clear winter nights, stars scattered in the sky, your breath painting temporary clouds... The final piece I wanted to highlight is "A Sea Of Stars" - a dark 70cm circle with 4cm matte black edges...

This one merges the underwater world with an aerial perspective, the middle section inspired by some of Ant's darker vortexy underwater shots from the archive that we've been going through recently.

The photos below were taken during the 'golden hour' so you'll see the green and gold hints come out in the light. Indoors, this artwork has a much cooler tone.


70cm Ø x 4cm

resin and mixed media on wooden panel Cornwall, 2020


2 commenti

02 gen 2021

Zee, Your Big painting is so cool, & sweet! It is amazing! I love it! ❤️🌟💕🌈✨🌊 Whenever I do a big painting I get all silly and say things like "did I really paint that?" I know I painted it but I love the look. In your resin painting, you have such a style like I said in a previous blog. Your style is established. People know you by this style. That is a very good thing! Plus your work spans the context of bathing suits and other things.

Mi piace

08 dic 2020

A new and very big change has appeared on the horizon. Your art has taken a turn again. The edges as you call these edges of the circle canvases has a great vehicle for displaying your talent in paint & resin. Some beautiful paintings have come out of this. Truly impressive and unique. Love your new art work.

Mi piace
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