• Zee


Hey everyone,

I hope you're all eating huge amounts of chocolate eggs or are just enjoying a relaxing weekend wherever you are.

If you have known my work for a while, you know I love switching up my canvases every now and then. A while ago I created an artwork on a handmade bellyboard, which found a home along with my big beast "Thalassa." I have just finished a brand new board and you're the first to see it.

These retro wooden bellyboards are hand-shaped here in Newquay by Dick Pearce. The board measures 120cm in length, 30cm nose width, 29cm tail width and is 0.9cm thick.

The artwork section is incredibly deep and detailed as I've used approximately ten layers of resin. You'll see light-reflecting gold sections, iridescent pigments that change colour when seen from different angles... Deep orange/red seaweed textures and whitewater details mimicking breaking waves over shallow waters. I painted the top section and back of the board a gorgeous rich slate blue.

Please note; I don't recommend taking this piece for a ride in the water - it's meant for display purposes only.

There is only one available.


Thank you!

x Zee