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After being featured in Drift Magazine vol. 06 and their Annual hardcover book, I was incredibly honoured to be invited to be a part of their new special edition concept; Drift Art Review. This beautiful collectors book is a selection of eighteen Cornwall-based artists and galleries; showcasing their unique personal stories, backgrounds and disciplines.

Below is a little glance over my 8-page spread. In this interview, I share more about my background, how I found my passion and started my career. I also mention my inspirations, why I love working with this medium, what my studio means to me and what I want for people to take away from my art.

I've been loving reading all of these different stories with a cup of tea in the evening, after a full day of cold sunny surf and creative time. You can order your copy here.

(swipe to see all images)

Other artists / galleries you'll find in the book are;

Circle Contemporary Gallery

New Craftsman Gallery

Nina Brooke

Luke Knight

Jesse Leroy Smith

Mary Kaun English

Trudy Montgomery

Sarah Woods

Richard Ballinger

Paula Downing

Patricia Wilson Will Calver

Martyn Perryman

Gemma Lessinger

Ashley Hanson

Vivien Woodiwiss

Trevor Price

Thanks very much to Jonathan, Mercedes, Rosie, Dan, Hannah, Spencer and Jamie at Drift Cornwall for creating this book.


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