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Most of you who have been following my journey for a while, know that my resin obsession started back in Lombok when I had the opportunity to work for the island's first surfboard shapers at Banyu Surfboards. There is something incredibly satisfying about creating 'rideable artworks.' Not only are surfboards beautifully shaped canvases on their own, the fact that these boards then get taken all over the world to surf different waves makes it extra special to add my creative touch. I can't remember how many boards I have done in the past few years, I just know that I only got to keep one for myself and that is currently still on the other side of the world! With my 30th birthday and a (suddenly postponed) surf trip coming up this year, I wanted to treat myself to a new surfboard, supporting a local shaper and going absolutely nuts on the design. Anthony discovered BOS Surfboards through a colleague and we both fell in love with their shapes and brand tagline "We're Not Normal." You can probably imagine that this resonated with me, so I showed Hugh Brockman (owner/shaper) my designs, which he was super keen to give a go! My 6'0" Sunfish features a matte black and pink resin tint, glossy photographic inlays of two of my artworks "Thalassa" and "Infinite", black and pink Future fin boxes and gold leaf flakes that were given to me by my friend Emily Johnston who uses the flakes in her glass/floral work. Ant and I spent an entire afternoon with the BOS guys who skilfully brought my vision to life whilst listening to metal, accidentally getting a bit too lightheaded on resin fumes. A few weeks later when I picked it up, it actually almost brought a tear to my eye seeing it finished. I can't wait to make new memories with this board. A big thanks to BOS Surfboards for taking on this creative challenge and making my vision a reality and to Ant for these sweet shots. x Zee

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Mar 09, 2020

Zee, I love your theme on these boards. colors that do go together but with a twist here and there. Just so you know, these boards are such excellent ways to exhibit your talent. Just keep up this great work.

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