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With a mind full of unforgettable memories and memory cards full of photos, I officially have switched off the Holiday Mode. I am back in Cornwall after an epic surf trip to Indonesia with Anthony. Luckily, the UK has welcomed us back with spring-like weather and nice waves, so the shock isn't too bad! As most of you know, Ant and I met and lived in Indonesia for a few years and this recent trip was my third time returning after we left. Finally ditching our 5mm wetsuits, we were incredibly lucky with the timing of the swell and the weather, we had amazing waves every day apart from one. We surfed empty waves, busy waves, party waves and collected some new bruises and scars. As expected, we also experienced a few pretty scary moments to balance out the highs in Lombok style - a 5.4 earthquake and Ant almost got killed by a speeding police car.

To ease into relaxation mode after months of full-on work, we started in Bali and Nusa Penida, eating and exploring our way through the islands. Penida is hands down one of the most breathtaking places I have ever visited, with views that left us both speechless. If only there were surfable waves! I was so glad to discover that Penida has pretty much remained the same as when we visited in 2015, except with a few more nice places to eat. We then took a plane to Lombok, where we were welcomed with open arms by our mates. We stayed in our friends' recently completed sustainable villa in the heart of Kuta, Lombok. We were lucky enough to call it our home for the rest of our trip! It was a 200% upgrade from our humble abode in the jungle of Gerupuk (the tiny village that didn't have a paved road until a few months ago.) Our days were filled with smoothie bowls and coffee by the pool, surfing, eating good food and catching up with friends. I even managed to squeeze in some creative time. I will dedicate separate posts to these projects as they're all very exciting! There really is no place like Indo, it will always feel like coming home. Feeling completely restored and inspired, I am excited to start the next chapter this season. In April I will be working on five commissioned artworks and I will also be creating new pieces inspired by my travels. Please get in touch if you would like to put in a custom order. Below are some impressions of our trip... Have a lovely weekend, x Zee

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