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Today is the anniversary of my friend Janneke and her partner Nick. This incredible couple met in high school ten years ago and they've been a team ever since. Janneke and Nick are the type of people who don't go around telling everybody about their dreams and ideas. They just go out and make them happen, regardless of what other people think. At only 20 years old, Janneke had already set up her own successful beauty spa and Nick was in the beginning stages of making his own dream into reality; Belloni, a specialty Italian cafe & store, serving only the highest quality imported and fresh ingredients. Everything on their menu is made from scratch by Nick and Janneke. With the cafe's growing popularity and high demand for real coffee and food, Janneke quit her beauty business and now works full-time at Belloni with the love of her life.

Recently they received devastating news about Nick's health and they are fighting unlike anybody I have ever met. In between hospital visits, Janneke bakes countless loaves of bread and makes the best salads, sandwiches and coffee in town. All with a smile on her face. Rather than focusing on the negative, Nick and Janneke try to keep a down to earth approach and enjoy the good moments. With this amazing milestone of their ten year anniversary, Janneke decided to surprise Nick with a custom artwork for their city apartment. I was so honoured to be able to contribute to their special day. I named this 90cm piece after a poem by my friend Judy - Infinite Space. Happy anniversary Janneke & Nick



infinite space and yet here you are making one small room feel complete judy elisa


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