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Last night was the opening night of my first ever exhibition. It was a great night with new and familiar faces, wine, laughs and lots of compliments. It was better than I hoped it would be and I was really impressed with the high attendance and the gallery's effort to create such a professional yet welcoming atmosphere for this event. The day had already started off with a morning surf and epic breakfast so this was a perfect ending. Rewind two weeks... I was in a black hole filled with paralysing anxiety, self-doubt, low self esteem and stress. Add some hormonal problems and physical pain to the mix and you've got a fantastic cocktail of disaster. I didn't think I would ever finish my work in time, I thought it wouldn't be good enough, that my work didn't deserve a place in the gallery. I questioned why I even did this. Then somebody answered: because you have passion. Thanks to the never-ending support from my partner, friends, family, followers and spending some time under the ocean's surface, I did it. And in the end, everything was done in time. Everything was more than fine. Nobody had anything negative to say. My paintings actually looked pretty damn nice on the wall. People did show up. And most importantly; I ENJOYED it. I guess the +100 -100 is just going to follow me around the world. And that's okay too. Thanks to the lovely people who joined the evening and showed their interest. Thanks to Studio281 Gallery for their great efforts and giving artists a chance. And congratulations to all the other artists on a successful night!


My work will be displayed until the 30th of June at 281 Guildford Road in Maylands (at the Ferguson Foundry next to Studio281 Gallery's main building). Some shots from the exhibition below...

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