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Slightly delayed but better late than never, this is the final Wood & Water skate deck in the limited edition series. Number 2 has also found a home, so this is your last chance for now to get your hands on one.

WOOD & WATER no. 3 - Longboard Mixed media and resin on hand-shaped upcycled Swedish redwood pine, oak and sapele wood. The deck is completely covered in resin on the front, the back is stained and sealed. This board features a colourful layered resin band with light-reflecting metallic pigments, black pin lines and deep black resin with copper details. 99.5 x 20.5 x 1.8 cm (length x widest point x thickness) £390 ENQUIRE

worldwide shipping available (not included) click images to enlarge

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Mar 21, 2020

Hi Zee, I really am blown away by this amazing image you have painted or resined on the long board I see here. Such great work! A lot of hard work went into this I know! The results are staggering in their beauty and I love how you used your know-how and skill to create this. I also love the Wood * Water SkateDeck No.1/3. The image is also very beautiful. Just love it!I think you have been working overtime on these beautiful creations. Keep it going, Zee Just love what you are doing these days. Much Love! Dee

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