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When Ant and I dropped off my big artwork "Thalassa" and the wooden surfboard at their new owners' home in Mevagissey, we met Matt Unwin, who was working on the incredible barn and stables conversion which my two pieces are now displayed in. Matt is an incredibly talented carpenter with a passion for surfing and skating. He channels these influences into hand-shaping skate decks out of recycled wood that he finds in the homes he works on. In a world where almost everything seems to be disposable, I love that he finds a new functional and artistic purpose for something that otherwise would have been burnt or thrown away.

For the past couple of weeks I have been slowly playing with these three different canvases as a side project, adding my layered abstract ocean aerials to them. I loved following the natural flow of the grain and leaving some of the knots exposed. These limited edition WOOD & WATER boards are rideable but can also be used for decorative display. WOOD & WATER no. 1 - Cruiser Mixed media and resin on hand-shaped oak wood 80 x 19 x 1.8 cm (length x widest point x thickness) SOLD click images to enlarge worldwide shipping available


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