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Hello dear friends, followers and collectors.

How do I even begin writing about this year? For many, it has been the worst. For some, it has been alright. And for some it has been the best.

It has been a year of death and disappointment. Of missing and isolation. A year of restriction and confrontation.

False hope and hopelessness.

Global outrage and social change.

Peace and quiet.

Self-reflection and consciousness.

Expansion and slowing down.

Transformation and revolution.

A surrender to the unknown.

For extroverts and social butterflies - which luckily I am not, haha - this would have been quite a confrontational time, not having external distractions or escapes and social interactions. Speaking on behalf of the introverted part of society, I think we can agree that we felt pretty comfortable in the 'staying home' to some extent... And let's be honest, wearing a face mask is a great tool to avoid small talk with people in the shops. :')

One thing we can probably all agree on is that we've become more resilient. I hope that regardless of all the challenges you've faced this year, you can still find some silver linings. Perhaps you've learnt an important life lesson or a new skill or hobby. Or maybe you've learnt to just slow down and find contentment in the small things. Regardless of what society makes you feel like you should or shouldn't have accomplished, if you're reading this: you've survived the year.

And that really is all that matters in the end.

At the beginning of 2020, Ant and I had lots of exciting things planned; from exotic surf trips and city breaks to family visits and concerts. We were also expecting to become auntie and uncle again, which unfortunately was not meant to be... Then my dad's cancer came back recently, which was the final straw for me personally, as I wasn't able to go home all year to support my family. It made me go into a bit of a dark hole for a couple of weeks.

Still, even with the tragedies and disappointments, I can honestly say I am thankful. I am thankful for you all, because my art has kept me sane, busy and motivated through it all.

Your constant support of my work has kept me going. We make art not to impress, but to express and feel. Creating has been incredibly healing this year. I've connected with some of you on a deeper level because of it too, and I have been able to keep sending my shiny slices of ocean to those who miss it deeply. Some of you finally found the time to renovate or redecorate, or you had a cancelled holiday and decided to buy art instead.

I'm thankful to live in Cornwall (despite wanting to go away sometimes) and to have a studio behind my house. I have been able to keep shipping my art all over the world and felt inspired to create in a generally uninspiring time. I am fully aware that a lot of people have not had access to natural spaces, or even had personal space in their own house, so I absolutely don't take any of my privileges for granted.

I'm so excited to get back in the studio and create and share new artworks.

THANK YOU, for every kind message, for reaching out in tough times, for continuing to support my work and spreading the word. I wish nothing but better things for all of you in 2021. Stay curious, be kind and take it easy.

Much love,


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Dec 31, 2020

Wat schrijf je toch prachtige teksten! Love you and miss you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

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