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The end of a year is a moment to reflect and look back on all the lessons we've learnt and goals we've accomplished. It's a time to rest and plant seeds for new ideas and goals that we will harvest in the year ahead, like my friend Rinske worded beautifully last week. I can look back on 2019 with so much gratitude. My persistence and dedication have paid off in a way I once only dreamed of and I've been given some incredible opportunities, thanks to your continued support.

After visiting our families over Christmas, Ant and I surfed every last day of 2019 and we wrote down our goals and plans for 2020... It's going to be an exciting one, I can feel it. I am ready to expand, learn and take on new opportunities. I'm ready to create, experiment, experience new things and places.

I want to send a huge thanks to those who purchased their first piece and those who added to their collection this past year. To those who have sent kind messages and comments, even when they can't afford an artwork of their own. To those still saving up to buy something. To those I've collaborated with and gave me beautiful opportunities. To everyone who supports my journey in whatever way. To my friends, family and of course my soulmate.

I appreciate you all. Thank you. I hope you have a great start to this new year. And if things are difficult, I hope you find the strength to keep going.

There are only a few 2019 pieces left. I offer subscribers 10% off these artworks. Please email me for inquiries. x Zee PS. Matt Parker (founder & designer of Album Surfboards) shaped a 4th surfboard with my artwork on it. It's for sale and there is only ONE available. Click here to see the collaboration series.


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