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Hello! I hope you've had a lovely weekend wherever you are! I've been enjoying the waves and going for cold sea dips and walks with friends in between studio sessions, where I've been working on a bunch of commissioned artworks.

And last night I was sent something exciting....

As some of you know, Stacie from the Salted Spirit Podcast invited me to speak about my life & work on her live Zoom session a few weeks ago. The recording of this talk / interview has now been published for everyone to hear! Salted Spirit is a community for women who have a special connection to the ocean and it's also a safe space to share and learn about mental wellness. I've been listening to these stories for a while now and I was incredibly honoured (and ridiculously nervous) to be invited to share mine. The show has a big focus on mental health and in my episode we also touch on a few very personal subjects like depression and overcoming an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. (So please be aware in case you are sensitive to these things).

The preparation for the episode sent me on a huge trip down memory lane so I've picked some old photos below to accompany the story.

This is the first time I did anything that comes close to public speaking so forgive me for the fast pace and mild awkwardness. We also went way over the time so some bits and pieces were edited out. You can find the podcast recording linked HERE.

Thanks to Stacie for this amazing opportunity and thank you for tuning in!

x Zee


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