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I'm back with a new blog to share what I've been up to in the studio and beyond. I've created and installed a new bespoke artwork in The Netherlands, created a new 110cm circle for The SummerHouse, I've got a bunch of new projects on the go and of course, I have been surfing my booty off here in Cornwall.



Late 2022, I was asked by the owner of Alcatraz where I have my art displayed, to create an installation for its big "sister" restaurant nextdoor; The SummerHouse. Overlooking the surf, this place is the perfect spot to enjoy amazing food and drinks right on the beach: indoors or out on the deck.

Prime locations - Alcatraz: the wooden building on the left, and SummerHouse: the black building on the right.

The wall needed three 110cm round artworks to replace some old ones. The main colour: bright pink - to tie in the neon pink lettering and some deep blues to match the velvet sofa booths. I chose "Orchestra" and "Welcome To Siwak", and then created an additional one; "Coral". I absolutely love the way these three statement pieces add pops of colour and flow against the gorgeous geometric woodwork walls and ceiling, bringing the ocean textures from outside to the indoors space.

2023: The SummerHouse new art installation: swipe to see more images.

The three artworks side by side.

Tap the titles for more images and info: Orchestra - Welcome To Siwak - Coral.

The SummerHouse in Perranporth is now reopened with a brand new menu.



After a lovely but short visit to see my family in The Netherlands and eating our way through Antwerp (Belgium), Ant and I arrived back in Cornwall last week with perfect timing to catch the gorgeous weather and an even better surf forecast.

A new 5/3 wetsuit and boots were already waiting for me - which were necessary after using my old ones for 4.5 years! It's incredible what a difference good gear makes. Apart from those first couple of brain-freezing duckdives and the gruelling wetsuit changing ritual in the car park, the cold hasn't bothered me despite the current water temperature reaching only 9 degrees Celcius. These sessions were enhanced even more as we spotted two dolphins launching a couple of metres out of the water and being accompanied by wild seals every single day. At one of the surf checks, we met a lady with a pet ferret (???) and another woman with a German Shepherd puppy in a stroller (??!)... the best way to start off a day of adventures.

Cornwall Winter at its finest - swipe to view all images



In January, I had the honour to create a new bespoke artwork for my clients - my uncle and auntie - in The Netherlands to add a finishing touch to their beautiful modern lounge overlooking the garden, a river and golf course. I had actually sent their artwork just before I went to visit, so I got to install the piece with my uncle and see it in its final home. I don't get to do this very often so it was a lovely full-circle experience. I made a little reel with some snippets of the process and the lounge, you can watch it on Instagram. Safe Haven: the full artwork + close up details. Swipe for more images.

"Safe Haven" is an 80x60cm original artwork with the wood grain patterns intentionally showing through its deep emerald greens, deep warm reddish orange and gold accents. I chose this title as a representation of my uncle and auntie; they are like second parents to me and are extremely loyal, kind, genuine and consistent. Offering a safe space and listening ear to anyone, all with a good dose of honesty, non-judgmental advice and humour. I am so lucky to have these people in my life and it was a joy to create this piece for them.

Safe Haven in its new home: swipe to see more images.



Now... I have a confession to make.

The reason why you haven't seen tons of new work appear just yet, is because the last couple of weeks I have been heavily leaning into my "mad (unqualified) scientist era" once again. I've been laying wide awake for nights in a row with inspiration insomnia, scribbling new ideas onto various random pieces of paper and in my iPhone notes.

My studio is a hot mess with a bunch of different projects in different stages. I am currently experimenting with new techniques and materials and I don't feel like sharing them yet, until they are in a more developed stage in a few weeks. I am SUPER excited to see where these ideas are going and I'm currently really enjoying this immersed state without feeling the pressure to share everything immediately.

Once I'm ready, you'll be the first to know.

For now, take a look at my currently available prints and resin art

Thank you for reading and I wish you a beautiful day. x Zee

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Feb 15, 2023

Wat een geweldig verhaal weer! De 3 cirkels hangen geweldig in the Summerhouse, de muur is daar gewoon perfect voor! Ook je stuk met foto’s van jouw werk bij Marion en Coen….in 1 woord fantastisch! 😍😘

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