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Lockdown 2.0 Day One didn't start off too bad at all; the sun is out and we surfed for three hours this morning. (The photos below were taking by Ant during a hike two weeks ago). After recently talking with other people in different parts of the country I was reminded of how lucky I am to live here during this time, to still have been able to create and sell so much work, to have a comfy roof over my head and access to all this natural beauty. Not that I have been taking it for granted, the opposite actually, but it was a good reminder nonetheless.

"Reconnecting" has been a consistent theme during these past couple of months. Disconnecting from online platforms more often to reconnect with nature, family, friends and to force real down-time without distractions until it became a new habit. You can't be in the moment when you're always 'on' and available 24/7, receiving one notification after the next, those red dots and unread messages constantly hijacking your attention. Tuning into my mind and body has helped to be more fully present. From intensely enjoying food and surfing to consciously observing nature during long walks and having conversations with loved ones.

Don't forget to sign off to tune in every now and then.



50 x 70 x 4cm

resin and mixed media on wooden panel

Cornwall, 2020

by Zee van Gils

£700 (ready to hang)


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