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SUMMER SOLSTICE + SHOW PREP Happy Summer to all you lovely people in the Northern Hemisphere (and also a loving welcome to everyone else living on the other side, of course!) I hope you are soaking up the sunny goodness wherever you are and making the most of the long, warm evenings.

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of creativity, productivity, stress caused by supply delays and sleep deprivation, imposter syndrome and excitement. Pretty standard when you're prepping for an exhibition, I guess? It's funny how a month ago I never thought I'd finish enough artworks in time, and now every room in my flat has turned into a temporary gallery/art storage. I currently have 15+ pieces finished or in progress, ranging from 30 to 150cm. Yes, there's some big beasts on the way.

Estimating timeframes has never been my strong point - in fact, estimating anything that involves numbers isn't really my strong point. 'Winging it' is more my style. I am therefore wildly relieved and excited to now be on the other side of that initial slightly hectic period. These preparations have pushed my imagination, productivity, my body and my tiny studio space to the max. It's a joy seeing this collection come together and having time to enjoy everything that a Cornish Spring and Summer has to offer.

Cliff jumps, cave swims, 3.5-hour surf sessions, beach dinners, long coastal hikes to hidden coves, early morning surfs... I feel restored, revived, re-...everything.

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For my upcoming show at Joy Editions Gallery, Nina Brooke and I will be exploring the theme of "Places Called Home". If you've been following my journey for a few years, you know that I left my hometown at 23 years old and have called a few places 'home' since. This new collection is a coalescence of all the elements of these special places. Tomorrow marks my 32nd year on this planet, and my 4th year living in Cornwall. What a wonderful time to reflect on all of the different meanings of 'home'.

It's more than a place - it's a feeling. It's where I can express myself freely.

It's where I discover new parts of myself.

It's in the people I meet; those who think and see the same way

and also show me ways to see and think differently.

Those who accept and love unconditionally.

It's my body; the long journey of coming to the realisation

that the only home I'll ever have, is her.

It's this mind-blowingly beautiful, resilient planet.

It's the places where time seems to come to a stop;

where its natural beauty is so breathtaking,

you can experience true presence.

It's where I feel most inspired and alive.

What does Home mean to you?


I've gathered a few snapshots from my recent adventures around Cornwall. You'll also see a couple of sneak peeks into my messy studio (ft. Charlie of course) and current hallway/storage situation.

And of course, close-ups of a selection of the artworks I'll be showing. The artwork photos were taken with my phone because we haven't done a full photoshoot with all the finished pieces yet. Swipe or tap the arrows to view them all.

I would LOVE to welcome you at my opening night on July 12th, from 18.30PM at Joy Editions in Bude to view this new collection, catch up and have a drink!

Thanks again for all your support and see you soon.

x Zee


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