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Hello everyone,

With my mind halfway between the lush valleys and waves in Portugal and Cornwall, I’m recharged and inspired for a big few months ahead. Before I tell you about the trip, I want to share a super exciting announcement with you:


Cornish seascape artist Nina Brooke invited me to hold a 6-week exhibition at her gallery Joy Editions in Bude this Summer! I will be taking over the entire top floor of the gallery and I am so excited to create a new collection for the show. I have adored Nina's art ever since I first saw it a few years ago and I'm really honoured to be showing mine alongside her work.

The opening night will be mid-July, I will share the exact dates and details with you soon and hope that you can join us.


This Spring has been such an exciting and inspiring one. Ant and I got to visit our favourite places in Portugal and enjoy everything they have to offer.

The crystal clear water, fun waves, romantic villages, lush mountains and valleys covered in blankets of trees, colourful flowers and vineyards.

The strong espresso, kind people, delicious fresh food and more wine than I’ve consumed in the past two years combined.

The perfect weather, sunrises, sunsets, slow pace and conversations.

Some places just make you feel at home instantly, like you've been there before or never left.

I’ve selected a bunch of photos of this trip in the gallery below. I can’t wait to use these new impressions of layered textures and colours in my upcoming body of work.

Thanks again for your support and patience ~ and to those who ordered artworks while I was away; you will receive tracking codes ASAP!

Much love,

x Zee

( All images by Anthony O'Reilly and me | swipe to see all photos )

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28 juin 2022

Zee, I think your show will be terrific. All your new work is so inspiring. Love them all. Keep going! And best wishes on a fabulous show!

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