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I used to hop on a plane as if it was the local bus. These past two years of 'travel deprivation' have made me realise that I will never take that luxury for granted again. I cannot tell you how much my eyes and bones have been craving to drink up new visuals and experiences for the past two years.

Ant and I first visited Portugal in the Autumn of 2019, where we fell in love with the place. It was our last trip together before the Brexit & Covid shitstorm happened. But a few weeks ago, we found a little loophole to travel to Portugal again, right before the rules would change. We had both been dreaming of a proper trip; to surf new waves and explore breathtaking coastlines. To be outside from sunrise to midnight wearing shorts... with salty hair and eyebrows, toasted skin and that feeling of being 'surfed out' after a bunch of awesome sessions. To have no sense of time, eating juicy local fruits, drinking wine out on a terrace at 10pm, to hear a language we can't understand. Ant had also been itching to take his new camera and waterhousing out in 'real' waves (meaning; hollow, big, glassy, barrelling photo-worthy waves) and let me tell ya - his wishes were fulfilled and he was frothing like a kid in a candy shop. My uncle Coen whom we hadn't seen for two years, also flew over to meet us and spend this lovely time together. Travelling and exploring new places is the one thing that never fails to feed my 'inspiration bank' of ideas for my art. It'sSince we got back to the UK, I've been in mandatory isolation and it has been pouring down with rain 80% of the time (classic Cornwall) - which has been a pretty shocking contrast, but nevertheless has been a great opportunity to express all my new creative visions in the studio.

Warm yellows, gold, deep emerald greens, turquoise, a few cheeky sunset pinks... I've got plenty of new things coming soon, including some big circles - stay tuned.

Another exciting announcement: I will be releasing some brand new open edition art prints just in time for your Christmas gift lists, and Ant is also busy FINALLY finishing his web shop where he will offer a selection of his favourite water shots from Indo, Australia, Cornwall and Portugal!

For now, enjoy some snaps of our September in Portugal, and some recent studio scenes where you'll get an idea of what I've been working on. It's a slider gallery, so swipe away like it's Tinder! Spoiler alert: it may or may not include an excessive amount of photos of aesthetically pleasing rustic doors.

Thank you for all your recent purchases even while I was away, for your patience, your new orders and general awesomeness. I really appreciate you.

Much love, x Zee






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