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Experimentation with new colours and materials can be a slow process. It's trial and error; 'wasting' materials to see which techniques and materials work and which don't. It's being a beginner again for a while. It's humbling, exciting, frustrating and expensive. And then there's the 'aha'-moment, when weeks of reading and testing come together into a new obsession.

Protect what you love.

I've shared my favourite spot near where I live here in Cornwall many times before, but recently I felt extra appreciation for this special place. We came together with the local community for protests to protect this beach from a ridiculous luxury development taking place on top of one the the iconic high cliffs (which is a wildlife habitat that is literally crumbling down and would be further destroyed by the new apartments). So far, our joined efforts have helped and the planning permission has been temporarily suspended so hopefully Whipsy Beach will stay natural, as it was intended. It was so heartwarming to see this many people care about a spot I didn't realise was that well-loved!

Whipsy: swipe to view more images

Low Tide & Rock Pools.

I feel incredibly lucky to have this surf spot with fun waves and wild seals so close to home. A five minute drive or fifteen minute walk takes me to this spot most days. In the past five years, this is the spot Ant and I have surfed the most, where I've had the most dog walks, cave dips and low tide strolls. At Whipsy, there is simultaneously the absence of time and the urge to enjoy it while it lasts, as there is always the danger of getting cut off by the incoming tide.

On a sunny day, this place looks like Portugal or Indonesia to me. When it's dark, stormy and gloomy it gets this moody, mystical energy which I can appreciate in a different way.

We come here to surf solo, with friends, with seals and strangers. This is a place to celebrate Spring and Summer, to explore caves like little kids, to process thoughts or have none at all. We come here to walk a dog that isn't even ours but we love like he's our own child. I walk around the low tide rock pools I've come to know so well that I always know where to go look for satisfying patterns - until a storm shifts the sand and gifts us all these new natural gems. I never get over the perfection of these low tide patterns and the muted colours with hints of bright green seaweed dancing underwater like wavy hair, and the tropical turquoise water - no matter how cold, when the sun is out.

Low tide patterns: swipe to view more images

New series: releasing end of April.

I am very aware that I haven't released as many artworks as I usually do (which normally is hundreds a year). But it has been a beautiful time of experimentation with new techniques and ideas, and I've also been creating some systems for my business that aren't glamorous, exciting or even interesting at all.

I am here to create with intention; this cannot and should not be rushed. It takes a while for new visions to materialise, especially when you're trying out something new. So I want to thank you for your patience and for all your lovely messages about the little sneak peeks I've shared on Instagram so far.

I've been working on these new artworks for a few weeks now, using a slightly different technique, trying to capture these muted colours and patterns of Whipsy Beach in my own abstract style. At the end of April, I'll be releasing these new pieces and I'm SO excited to let you know that there will also be affordable prints.

Thanks for your patience & support.

x Zee

Little snippets and previews from the studio: swipe to view more images


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