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I've been holding on to this one for a while now and I've even released the print of this artwork for my celebration giveaway on Instagram. So I figured it would probably make sense to show you the original now!

Initially I wanted to keep this one for myself forever, but I've spent enough time with it and it's ready for a new home. "Ignite" is a 60cm layered circle with deep orange and pinks, teal, copper, rose gold and some of my favourite 'whitewater' details and light-reflecting pigments. This piece embodies passion, the spark that sets your soul on fire.

What ignites my soul... and how can I bring more of this into my life? An important question we should ask ourselves throughout our life.

If this resonates with you and you'd like to see this artwork on your wall, please contact me directly here.

International postage is available, costs are not included in the price below.


"Ignite" 60cm Ø

resin and mixed media on wooden panel

Cornwall - 2020

by Zee van Gils


1 comentario

10 sept 2020

I can see why you were holding on to this one very colorful and bright Painting. It's Beautiful! Love the colors and the feeling I get from looking at it. Like in the fields above the surf. Small flowers that have dried but retain color. So many little things that make this resin painting such a beauty!

Me gusta
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