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Hello everyone,

I think it's safe to say that all of our lives have changed quite drastically in the past couple of weeks on a global and personal level. Daily routines, work and social lives have been disrupted by a cause that is completely out of our hands. Many of us are dealing with fear, anxiety, uncertainty, hurt and loss at the moment - it hangs heavy in the air. But I am also seeing a positive shift happening in this forced slowing down. We are becoming more appreciative of things and people that perhaps were taken for granted at times. We are finishing or starting projects we have been putting off for ages, and some of us are learning new skills with this extra time. My daily routine has actually not changed an insane amount - I live a pretty introverted life and spend a lot of time on my own. However I do really miss my coffee and dinner dates with friends, I am so thankful to be living within walking distance of the ocean, so we are still able to go for daily beach walks and even had a few sneaky surfs (all played by the rules of course). As some of you know, the past two weeks have been living hell for my family, Anthony and I due to a tragic loss and not being able to fly home in such a difficult time. Words cannot express the sadness and hurt we have been experiencing, and honestly it has taken me a while to want to get back into the studio. It felt wrong because I didn't see the point anymore. In the past couple of days, inspiration and motivation have slowly creeped back into my soul. I have also been receiving countless encouraging messages from you all, sending love and asking me to keep sharing my work because it brings light and colour into your lives. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience and understanding, and for encouraging me to keep going without forcing myself. In a time where we are all glued to our phones and news updates, it's important to take time-outs and escape our reality. To remember that there are always things to be thankful for no matter how sad and low we feel. That there is always love. These three original pieces are an escape from reality. A window to the sea, a paradise that many of us cannot physically visit during this strange time. Little reminders that there are reasons to always keep going. They are the first three artworks I am releasing in which I have incorporated new techniques - I have been making handmade textured panels, adding a whole new level of depth, yet keeping the same flawless glassy finish of my other artworks. Enjoy, stay sane stay safe be kind. x Zee


ESCAPING REALITY 1/3 40cm Resin and mixed media on textured floating panel Cornwall, 2020



ESCAPING REALITY 2/3 40cm Resin and mixed media on textured floating panel Cornwall, 2020



ESCAPING REALITY 3/3 40cm Resin and mixed media on textured floating panel Cornwall, 2020


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