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Lombok, Indonesia a dusty shaping bay, a mouldy bedroom, a wooden jungle shack (which I nearly set on fire with my blowtorch) and a loft with a thatched roof full of hornets. Australia a backyard garage in Perth and a beach shack in Lancelin. The Netherlands my dad's garage, my uncle's basement. The United Kingdom my first proper little studio, then back to a garage for a little while... before finding my perfect studio two weeks ago. I made working in these spaces work. Were most of these inefficient? Yes. Were they imperfect? Yes. But most importantly, they are part of my journey and learning process. Working in all these different spaces has given me a better understanding of how resin works in different climates and circumstances. Having nothing to start off with, has made me more resourceful, thankful and creative. No more dust, humidity, uneven floors, bugs, mould, bad lighting, fluctuating temperatures and getting stuck in traffic!

I'm so thankful for this space. You'll find me in my 'lab' most of the day, wearing messy dungarees, my hair looking like a bird's nest and a respirator mask on my face, in the zone with some tunes playing, creating, experimenting and making a beautiful mess.

Zee working on a new piece

Anthony and I spent a couple of days moving all my things over and making the new studio as practical and efficient as possible. Ant was kind enough to dedicate his time building me an art storage rack for my finished paintings. I have never been more organised and it feels great.

With these epic summer days of good weather and pumping waves lately, it hasn't been a challenge to feel inspired. I have been working on a collection of new paintings, including some big ones... But before I share those, I am releasing my first piece that I created in the new space. You can find the photos and information below. If you'd like to see my work in person and have a coffee, please contact me to make an appointment. Thank you. x Zee



FUSE 59 x 42 cm resin and mixed media on wood panel Cornwall - 2019 can be displayed both horizontally and vertically AVAILABLE click the icons below to enlarge the images.

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