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Hello friends, family, loyal supporters and newcomers!

Thanks for being here. I just thought I’d check in from this side of the world with a few updates and Summer snapshots of the past few weeks.

Mission mode to chill mode

Going from some of the busiest weeks I’ve ever had in preparation for my exhibition at Joy Editions, to sitting back to enjoy the delights of Summer in Cornwall was quite a transition! It was as if my body and mind were still in mission mode, while my only job was to relax. After a few days of adjusting to the slower pace (and rearranging / decluttering our entire apartment) I finally got into chill mode. I’ve been surfing lots, spending time at the beach, in the sea, with friends, eating good food, reading good books and honestly - sleeping quite a lot too.

Friends & family

After having my mum and uncle here, I’ve also welcomed my dad, stepmom and my sister, who drove all the way to Cornwall from The Netherlands for a weekend visit and to see my exhibition. At the same time, one of my all-time best friends from Lombok stayed with me as well, so it’s safe to say my heart is full after all this quality time and catching up. To have the people who have supported me since day one (living la vida broka in the jungle, painting on surfboards) now see the exhibition, it felt pretty special.

Input / output

Work-wise, I’ve been taking it easy; I needed a little break from my output-focused few months and pay some attention to the input. Rest, space and new inspiration are essential for me and my art. After all these years -and contradictory to hustle culture & capitalist ways of thinking- I am still learning about and integrating the ebb & flow lifestyle of being an artist. Just because I LOVE my work and being productive, doesn’t mean I have to or should all the time. Coming back to the studio fully restored can only mean that I'll create better artworks.

New minis

I am fully aware that my recently released pieces are pretty big and not necessarily accessible to everyone. Not everybody has the wall space or funds for such large artworks. I realised that pretty much all my minis are sold out and that’s why I am currently working on a new mini collection. In the next few weeks I will be making nine 30x30cm squares, ten 30cm and ten 20cm circles for those who have been waiting for a smaller slice of paradise.

A little heads up...

If you are considering a bespoke artwork; my commissions are still open too and I’m currently working on a few very fun and personal ones. On that note, I do have a little announcement to make.

As I wrote earlier, I have been rethinking the concept of input & output a lot lately. The last few years I’ve loved creating considerable amounts of original artworks (like, hundreds a year...) because it’s just in my nature - I need to express, create, experiment, and I am so thankful for all your support and for you continuing to feed my passion.

This Autumn though, I will be taking about two months off... to travel.

To focus on input rather than output. To just surf, make memories and feel wildly alive. My entire being is craving adventure and newness.

It will be the longest I’ve been away from my studio and although that is quite strange for me, it’s mostly exciting and overdue. I haven’t booked flights yet, but I will likely be away sometime from mid-October to mid-December.

That’s why -although it seems disgustingly soon to talk about this- I wanted to remind you that if you had any Christmas orders in mind, to reach out as soon as possible.

For those in Cornwall, my Joy Editions show with Nina Brooke is on for a few more days, until August 12! The artwork are also avaible online.

New prints & giveaway One last thing; yes! New prints are on the way and with that, a giveaway... keep an eye out on instagram :) I am currently setting up a way for you to keep ordering (framed!) prints in various sizes while I'm away.

Thanks again for all your support, it truly means a lot.

Lots of love and I wish you all a beautiful rest of Summer.

X Zee

PS, I’ve added two new 50cm circles here called "Timelines" which are currently displayed at Kota Kai.


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