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Instagram is not only a great platform to present my artwork, it has also been a place where I've connected with other (creative) people who have become friends. A pretty cool thing happened recently when wedding photographer Kat Springle dropped me a message, asking if she could come and take photos of me in my studio ("if that wasn't too creepy"). Winter is the off-season for weddings, and Kat just wanted to keep taking photos, but of something else than just loved up couples. Kat and her husband Ash aka "the Springles" have been shooting weddings all over the world for years and moved to Cornwall at the end of 2019. Their photography is magical, moody and relaxed at the same time, I just love how they capture people in their true essence and work with natural light. Kat and I ended up spending an entire afternoon chatting about about our outspoken world views, veganism, parenting (they are raising girl twins, called Zion & Vega), art and tattoos. I lay down the first layers of a new artwork whilst she worked her magic behind the camera. Knowing the hot mess I tend to create in the studio whilst looking like a female version of Walter White from Breaking Bad, I wasn't expecting anything (this has everything to do with my own perception of what I do and look like, and nothing to do with Kat's skills of course) but when she sent me the photos a few days later I actually fell in love! She managed to capture the actual feeling and mood I get when I am painting, even though we had never met before and she didn't know much about resin art. THAT is a true photographer. The artwork I started that afternoon, I have recently finished and I am releasing it in this post along with some 'behind the scenes' studio shots.

For more information on the artwork please get in touch here. Follow The Springles on Instagram at @thespringles. Check out their full portfolio and what this amazing couple stands for, here.


GOLDEN HOUR 84.1 x 59.4 x 2cm

resin and mixed media on wooden panel

Cornwall - 2020






by Kat Springle

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Glenn Walton
Apr 05, 2020

Absolutely love the shop pix. I feel all the sticky love and technique that it represents. BTW too thats a very beautiful picture of you in your mask... Really... never thought anyone could really look god in one but she found your beautybin that shot. Even understand how we find ourselves ruining a favorite pair of shoes for a project.... not on purpose but drips happen and its not on our creative mind to think of our feet til its almost too late...

Thanks fore sharing all that, I think its great and inspiring Suzanne. Keep safe and well.

Best Regards,


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