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Happy Monday everyone! While Cornwall has been flooding with tourists, I have been lucky enough to have had the perfect hideaway from the crowds this past month. I have been hand painting a huge mural (nearly 200 square feet) in the garden of a villa in Mawgan Porth. It took a little longer than I expected because of the constant weather changes, but I just finished the actual painting part yesterday and I will be applying a water repellent / UV resistant clear coat in a few days. I won't be able to show the full piece until the client has seen it in person at the end of the month, but once we have taken some nice shots I'll be sharing them with you here on the blog.

I do have something else to share with you now and that is a recent collaboration with Arbo Surfboards. Paul Reisberg is a German shaper, surfer and dad who not only shapes handmade wooden surfboards, he also teaches "build your own" workshops. This guy really knows his stuff and it was a pleasure working with him. My client had a very specific design request and this is the result! Paul shaped an epoxy blank and built a beautiful wooden 'skin' around it. He then stained half of the board white and the other half a nice natural wood colour. We used a fibreglass inlay of a section of my artwork "Beauty in Darkness" (which by the way is available) and used a matte / semi gloss finish.

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Aug 10, 2020

Zee, You are so light On about your German Board designer. That board turned out to be a really beautiful board. Love his design. But I know your influence helped. Your spheres and canvas paintings are always the best. So beautiful. Love them all!

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