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During my recent stay with my family in The Netherlands, I wanted to leave a special 'mark' for my 4-year old niece Nova. My brother and his wife built a beautiful new home which they just moved into and I felt like creating something for my niece rather than buying her a toy.

Nova's creative mum decorated her boho-style bedroom with neutral colours and pops of coral and pink. I had some ideas in mind that would tie in the circular elements in her room, like the round woven rug and paper lamps, using the same colours as her pillows and the teepee tent that Ant and I built for her a few years ago. I added some reflecting gold details to bring it to life. Ant and I spent two afternoons with Nova; while Ant played with her, I alternated between adding colour to the wall, drinking coffee and making Playmobil scenes in the den under her mid-sleeper bed. It was pure priceless quality time and I'm so happy that Nova loved the end result - she even got her special dress and shoes out for the photos. Below are some shots of the process and the finished wall.

x Zee





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