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In contrast to last year's birthday, I spent my 29th with my loved ones in The Netherlands and Belgium. Having not seen them for about six months, it didn't take much effort to leave my phone in my bag for the majority of the time. I took an unplanned digital detox, and it has done me a world of good. During my trip I felt really present and enjoying all the moments I went back home for; great conversations, cuddles with my niece and nephew and dogs, visiting new places... I have been absolutely spoilt rotten with presents and love, my heart is full and I feel so inspired and excited about this next phase of my life.

To kick off this new chapter, I am releasing new work. I am going back to bigger pieces, different dimensions and techniques, just letting it all flow without external influences other than nature - which is how and why I started about five years ago. This is S A N C T U A R Y 120 x 40 cm

Resin and mixed media on floating wooden panel Cornwall - 2019 Email for more information

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