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Having almost sold out of my recent Resin x Poetry collaboration with Judy within the first 12 hours of launching, I thought it would be a good time to tell you about my next upcoming collaboration, one that I have been secretly and partially subconsciously manifesting for the past few years. As some of you know, I started working with resin when I was living a pretty feral and humble life in Lombok, Indonesia. Resin became an obsession when I was working for the island's first shapers at Banyu Surfboards, who took me under their wing and taught me the art of surfboard glassing. They gave me all the freedom to learn, experiment and paint away on their boards, which allowed me to create dozens of colourful designs for their customers. To me, a surfboard is a piece of art on its own, but I wanted to use them as canvases and turn them into Rideable Art. It is so satisfying to create personalised board designs because I know that the customers take their boards all over the world to make unforgettable memories with them. So in a way, I feel like a piece of me travels with them.

A few shots from the Banyu days...

When Gerupuk village finally got some half decent internet after a year and a half, I discovered Matt Parker's boards and his brand Album Surfboards. I fell in love with his unique shapes and colour ways; abstract designs that are almost too beautiful to surf. From matte to super high gloss finishes, crazy inlays, asymmetrical shapes and stylish resin tints, this guy is doing it all.

One day.... I thought. One day.

I am so proud, excited and still in disbelief to announce that Matt and I will be collaborating and creating a selection of limited edition surfboards. My most popular resin paintings will be turned into fibreglass printed inlays... shaping my ultimate Rideable Art dreams into reality. > Matt has worked with several amazing artists like David Carson, fellow resin artist Bree Poort, and my favourite photographer Chris Burkard! Check them out HERE. > Read more / watch a video about Album Surfboards HERE. The boards are currently being shaped (see shots below) - more updates will follow! x Zee

ALBUM X ZEE (photo by Matt Parker)

ALBUM X ZEE (photo by Matt Parker)

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