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Hi again! I realised that I have been a bit quiet on the blog lately and thought I’d give you a quick update on what I’ve been up to in the studio. February has been one crazy colourful month. I have had quite a few custom projects to work on which allowed me to connect with new people and also to reconnect with a few I’ve crossed paths with in Indonesia. Furthermore, almost all of my existing artworks have now sold. Some new pieces were snapped up before I had even finished them! Using resin can sometimes feel like the medium is working against me and not with me, as there are so many changing elements in the process that can make or break the outcome. But this month it has been on my side and I feel like we’ve been in this thing together. I have pushed myself harder than ever, exploring new techniques and colourways, as well as creating a bigger volume of work, while intensely enjoying the process of it all. Twelve-hour studio sessions have been no exception, but I am learning when to stop at the same time. Taking breaks to go surfing, do yoga or simply going for a walk when the weather is nice, has helped to keep me balanced and motivated. That and good music of course. I am in the process of organising the collaboration of my dreams, which I can’t give any details on just yet... But it’s a big one for me. I think I have been subconsciously manifesting this one for a few years and it’s finally becoming a reality! There is only a few days left before Ant and I go on holiday, so I’ll be going full-power the next few days. I can’t wait for fresh coconuts on the beach and warm waves. Please note that commissions are now closed for February and March. I have very few spots left for April but I am accepting new custom orders from then onward. If you are interested, please get in touch here. Thank you for all your support and have a great week. x Zee

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