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Join me and other artists, musicians, crafters and creatives for an afternoon at the Old Bakery Studios! You'll find local buskers playing in the downstairs event space and on the first floor there will be a display of artworks from different artists who all work at The Old Bakery. I'll have my door (studio F12C) open for those interested in seeing how and where I work! I'll have plenty of new and older paintings for sale - of each sold piece I will donate 15% to St. Petrocs, a charity organisation that is dedicated to stop homelessness in Cornwall, and provides help and resources to the homeless. If you have any clothing, bedding, toiletries or other unused items that may be helpful for this organisation, please bring them to the drop off point at the event. The entry fee of the event is £3 and 100% will be donated to St. Petrocs as well. You are welcome to join us from 1-5pm on Sunday the 16th of December. Hope to see you there! x Zee

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