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Two weeks ago when my mum was visiting, I was working on a personalised surfboard design for a customer of Escape Surfboards. Richard got a board shaped for his wife's 50th birthday and wanted to get some artwork done that represented her love for their lavender garden and bees. So I came up with this simple yet intricate design, adding little bees to symbolise their three kids. Initially I wasn't going to do black outlines but I'm glad I did, as it made the flowers POP! It took me almost ten hours to create this freehand design, painting on petal by petal with a tiny brush, then adding the black lines and tiny dots to bring out all the colours. Thank you Richard and I wish your wife a lifetime of unforgettable sessions on this beauty. And thanks mum for an amazing week AND for the suggestion to add a little piece of flying lavender at the top! That was the finishing touch it needed :)

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