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My friend Allannah Brown whom I was lucky to meet in Lombok, recently introduced me to her sponsor Bill Atlee of Escape Surfboards. We arranged to meet, had a nice chat, and off I went with a surfboard to doodle on. Glassed in baby blue by Dan Davis, a local who makes boards from the back of a converted truck, and shaped by Bill himself, I had the pleasure to add some finishing touches to the board. At the local RipCurl store I discovered new Posca markers in colours that I hadn't seen before so I had to pick up a few (... okay, a lot). For this board I chose to do one of my favourite designs; freehand floral circles with invisible edges, using dark turquoise with gold details.

Please read the shaper's technical details of the board below to see if this baby is calling your name! The "Lozenge" - 5'10" x 21" x 2 ¾”

This board features a relatively flat nose entry with a rolled ‘V’ bottom contour flowing back to a single concave mid section with double concave ‘V’ in the tail. The deck is relatively flat to give the board maximum volume whilst keeping a relatively modest thickness. With a centre box and quad fin plugs as standard, you have many fin options: single fin, quad and thruster. The Lozenge is designed for intermediate and expert surfers looking for a board that gives maximum volume and surface area without compromising performance. It will catch waves early, plane through the flat spots and with the narrow squash tail with respond to back foot pressure for those radical top turns.

As a step down first time short board, or small medium size wave groveler, the Lozenge will give you the best performance in a short package. Nose width @ 1’ = 18 1/4” Tail width @ 1’ = 16”


This board is for sale at £579 - inquire to acquire

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