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A lot has happened since my last post. Only six weeks ago, my entire life got turned upside down and I had no idea what would be in store next. It was definitely a very challenging time and I am really happy that I have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything did happen for a reason. Sometimes I like to write down small and big accomplishments and memorable moments, to be more grateful and mindful of them. To actually look back and see improvement since the last time I wrote. Well, in every aspect, life has taken a complete 180 degree turning.


Art wise, a lot of good things went down; - I sold four out of the six artworks that were part of the June exhibition in Perth (two of which were sent all the way to Sweden!); - I sold two pieces here in The Netherlands (these will be added to the website shortly); - I started a 90cm custom piece for a really special person; - This coming week I'll be starting a smaller piece in collaboration with a Dutch-founded eco activewear brand... in other words; my artwork will be printed onto recycled fabric and turned into yoga & surf clothing! - I got an update from another SUPER exciting collaboration project that I cannot wait to share - samples are on the way! - One of the pieces I had on display in Mana Yoga Retreat in Kuta, Lombok (Innsaei 1/3) was auctioned for 10.000.000 Indonesian Rupiah (roughly AU$1000) last Wednesday to raise money for the North Lombok earthquake victims. It was purchased by Bapak Ngurah Wirawan, Director of Construction and Operation of ITDC Indonesia. All the money was donated to Peduli Anak, an organisation that provides essentials and support to underpriviliged children on the island. And on top of that, I spent an incredible amount of quality time with family, friends and dogs - all these things have kept me going, helped me stay positive and restore my faith in life.


Two days ago, I picked up Anthony from the airport in Amsterdam. We hadn't seen each other for six weeks and I felt sick with excitement and nervousness; I cried before he even entered the arrival hall. This feeling of being back together after everything that has happened recently, is just indescribable... We'll be setting up for a new chapter in the next few days, some potentially exciting times are ahead - stay tuned for updates. Lastly I just want to thank everybody who has reached out to both of us in the past couple of weeks, it has been heart-warming to receive all your kind phonecalls and messages. x Zee PS - if you could spare a few euros/dollars/pounds to donate and help victims of the past week's heavy earthquakes in Lombok, please click here for Peduli Anak fundraiser page.

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