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As most of you have probably read, last week was an insanely hectic week for me and Anthony. Just when we thought we were on the right track, we were ripped apart and dragged through hell. And suddenly we are now 14.000 kilometres apart. If you're interested to read the full story, please click here. Sometimes the universe has ways to redirect us and put us onto a new track. However I still don't understand why it all happened the way it did, I am sure it will all work out for the better in the end. I am currently back in The Netherlands for a yet undecided period. Ant and I will soon be reunited and we are still aiming for New Zealand, but until then we will be based here to figure things out. On a happier note - I have been recovering physically and mentally and I am starting to feel my creativity resurfacing again. So I am now taking commissions for resin paintings / murals / instrument painting / other requests. Shipping within Europe will also be a lot more affordable than when I lived in Australia. Please contact me for inquiries. Thanks to everyone who has sent their support and love during and after the ordeal. Both Ant and I massively appreciate it and it has kept us strong in a challenging time. x Zee

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