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Hi all,

I hope you've had a lovely weekend. I sure did as it was mine and Ant's four year anniversary! We even got a really fun sunset surf in to finish the weekend perfectly. It just blows my mind that we've already been together for four years, as the 'honeymoon period' doesn't seem to wear off... but when I stop and think about everything we've experienced and the places we've visited and lived in, it feels like it's been a lifetime. Anyway - back to the point: Last week I started a new 90cm round painting, inspired by a beautiful morning at the beach. Rising before the sun might be hard sometimes, but those pastel coloured skies & deep turquoise clean waves make it all worth it. Together with a few other keen water photographers, Ant spent that morning taking photos in the ocean. I went for a long beach walk and a refreshing swim afterwards - that definitely woke me up! Seeing these guys come down to the beach early to take an hour or two to do what they love, forget about all their obligations and responsibilities of that day, just because they want to, brought a huge smile on my face. A reminder that the ocean gives us the energy to completely change the outlook of our day. Here are some of Ant's water shots of that morning (slideshow), plus a few from the very messy 'studio' and a new work in progress.

Have a good week! x Z


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