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I never thought I would say this but, my artwork is featured in the latest issue of Surfgirl Magazine - The Adventure Issue! No, it's not about my below average surfing skills. The piece is about how my journey started and how working for Banyu Surfboards led me to doing what I do for a living today. And most importantly, WHY I do it.

The big photo was taken by Ant a few weeks ago after finishing my two biggest pieces this year, Thalassa and Meraki. Both are for available and Meraki is currently on display at Strong Adolfos in Wadebridge. Which leads me to telling you how incredible that night was last week! It was the six year anniversary of the cafe, which was celebrated with delicious food, drinks, live music and artwork curated by Circle Contemporary Gallery. The venue was packed, I met so many lovely people and received an overwhelming amount of compliments. 'Burn' sold within thirty minutes and will be replaced with a brand new shiny slice this week. The pieces will be on display until early 2020.

You can get your copy of the magazine at any of the bigger newsagents or order it online if you're interested. Surfgirl is the world's most widely read surf and beach lifestyle publication for women. It was the first independent magazine for women's surfing in the UK, but is now distributed through the US, Australia, Portugal, South Africa, Germany and France. Thanks everyone at Surfgirl Magazine, Strong Adolfos and Circle for these amazing opportunities. x Zee Event photos credit: Checkered Photography

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Nov 19, 2019

Zee, Sounds like a blast! So glad you got the opportunity to get into the Surf Mag. Now that is amazing. But you are good enough to be there. I love watching you take each of these opportunities and using each one to move in that direction. Fun! Exciting!

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