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Cornwall has been showing off her Springtime magic this week with turquoise waters and blooming wildflowers. I have been going on some long solo walks that made me appreciate this place even more than I already did. Soaking up nature's beauty in solitude is one of my favourite things to do here. I like to be mindfully aware of the colours, sounds, smells and movements around me; the simple things - especially when I've spent (too much) time focusing on the digital and social media part of what I do. It is necessary to stay connected, but even more necessary to disconnect every now and then.

TOM THUMB In the past few weeks some pretty cool stuff has been happening. First of all, four of my original artworks have been put up on display at Tom Thumb, a high-end cocktail bar in Newquay. Owners Jamie and Paul were kind enough to help positioning and hanging the paintings, making sure they complement their beautiful space. The artworks on display are 'Emerald' - 'Rising Tide' - 'Balance' and 'Confluence'. Go and treat yourself to a fancy cocktail and check out my work if you're in town!

GOODBYE, OLD BAKERY Another small development is a bit of a sad one, but exciting at the same time - I will be leaving my studio at The Old Bakery, mainly to avoid the hectic tourist traffic during the Summer months, to save time and reduce my carbon footprint. I have found another workspace near my home, around the corner of the beach in the centre of Newquay! This space is slightly bigger which means I can finally start using the large wooden panels that have been calling my name...

NEW WORK I haven't updated you guys much about new work on the blog lately, because I have been busy working on custom orders (which are now added to my portfolio). But I finally added a new mini series titled 'Archipelago', inspired by my travels in Indonesia. Along with a revamped piece 'Departure' and a brand new one titled 'Tropical Storm' with the same dimensions. Using a different palette than usual, influenced by the vibrant colours of the Indonesian islands and my favourite natural sanctuaries here in Cornwall, these pieces hopefully show that I'm not a one-trick pony!

POETRY X RESIN Last but not least: one of my best friends from The Netherlands, Judith (who is now officially a professional writer!) will be visiting me next week for some quality catch-up time and a very exciting collaboration that we can't wait to share with you. We will be blending our arts together as one... stay tuned!

That's all for now, have a great week! x Zee

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