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Hi all, I hope you've had a nice restoring weekend and that you're tackling this lovely Monday like a boss! A lot has happened in the past few weeks so I just wanted to post a little update on what's been happening and share a few exciting projects with you. So, first things first, Ant and I moved country again (shock). We're now based in Cornwall, the South West of England. We never thought we'd ever move back to the UK again, but sometimes life does this funny thing where it makes you do stuff you never expected... So, here we are. And we are actually LOVING it. Ant suddenly got a job as a hydrographic surveyor, we moved into a cosy home that we share with a really good friend, just around the corner of countless surf spots and beautiful landscapes. Within a week I found THE perfect art studio (I will probably dedicate an entire post to this) and already I've met some kind and interesting souls, including a handful of old friends from my Lombok life! Besides surfing I've started doing yoga again, taking lots of walks and little road trips to breathtaking places and... the dogs, oh god, the dogs! Everyone seems to have a cute dog here! I obviously can't stop myself from patting every single one of them whilst making high frequency noises (not surprisingly, I have been getting some weird looks from their owners...) From the moment we got here, everything has just felt right. The right time to be here and the right time to really focus on my art. Since Ant is on a 'two weeks on - two weeks off' work schedule, it means that I can fully immerse myself into my creativity and when he's off work we have quality time together. I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity, a dedicated art S P A C E and the T I M E to focus on doing what I love and moving forward with things. To me that is such a luxury.


Here's just a little sneak peek list of some of the projects I've been working on lately... - custom illustrations for & planning an event with Island Feather - a surfboard collaboration with Escape Surfboards - a custom surfboard design - a whole bunch of resin artworks which are going up on display in some pretty cool places - a custom resin painting These projects are still works in progress, but I'll soon be able to share them with you.

For now, here are some impressions of this new chapter.

Have a great week, x Zee

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