Zee van Gils is a 30-year old Dutch artist who unearthed her devotion for resin when she worked alongside the first surfboard shapers of a small fishing village in Lombok, Indonesia.

After studying, travelling and working, Zee left her home in The Netherlands at 23 years old to reconnect with her creative side, which led her from Australia to Indonesia, where she fell in love with surfing and found her soulmate. She called Lombok 'home' for the three following years, living in raw and real circumstances, stripped back from the western world's luxuries such as clean running water and internet.

Working as a surf photographer and creating surfboard art at the local shaping bay, Zee developed an undeniable urge to recreate the ocean's character with resin. Being the first person on the island to try resin art and having a lack of resources turned the beginning of her artistic journey into one big challenge, constantly testing her passion in every step of the process. She has refined her own techniques to create glass-like layered paintings with depth and light-reflecting details that change with each movement of the observer. Merging aerial perspectives with a vision of the ocean surface from below, she aims to capture the light as it attenuates beneath the waves, providing you with an alternative perspective of mother nature's textures.

In 2018, Zee held her first exhibition in Perth, Australia. Six months into their stay, visa issues arose - Zee was held in detention and eventually deported and sent back to The Netherlands. A full 180 that led her and her partner to start over in Cornwall, UK.

Her artwork has found homes in twenty different countries worldwide since. A journey that went full circle in July 2019, when her work featured in a one-of-a-kind surfboard collaboration with award-winning shaper and her big inspiration, Matt Parker of Album Surfboards in California.

Now as a full-time artist residing in Cornwall, Zee continues to tell a story of defiance. Going against the grain to discover her own fluid movement, influenced by her natural surroundings.

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